Serious Gaming or
Taking Gaming Seriously

Welcome to the Website of the planned Collaborative Research Center Serious Gaming or Taking Gaming Seriously!

WHAT is the CRC initiative? 

The planned Collaborative Reasearch Center (CRC) looks at practices of Serious Gaming. This means we explore and examine gaming practices and see how this can be shaped an analyzed between the dynamics of gamification and workification.
We don't limit ourselves to digital games, but also want to show that Serious Gaming is practiced in many places and situations. 

Here you can find more detailed information about the research profile of the CRC.

WHO is part of the CRC initiative?

The planned CRC initiative is an interdisciplinary research institution
in which projects and researchers from the humanities and natural sciences (cultural, media, literature and art studies; health, sport and computer science, economics, sociology, history and psychology) come together to explore gaming practices and dynamics of workification and gamification from different perspectives.  

Here you can find more detailed information on the researchers involved.

WHERE is the CRC initiative located?

The planned CRC inititative is mainly located at the University of Konstanz but collaborates with researchers and labs at the University of, Graz, Göttingen, Bayreuth, Utrecht, Frankfurt on the Main, Trier and the HU Berlin.

Here you can find all cooperation partners and laboratories.



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